Construction Image Management Features

With our cloud-based construction image management software, CM Fusion allows you to manage job site images entirely in the cloud.

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Automate Construction Image Management and Increase Worksite Efficiency

Most contractors are painfully aware of the three biggest hassles in construction image management:

  • Inbox crowding due to dozens — even hundreds — of job site photos being sent every day.

  • Sorting through image after image and assigning them to project folders.

  • Spending hours every week on clunky programs, like Microsoft Word, to create daily field reports

CM Fusion has completely streamlined and automated the entire construction image management process.

Forget the hassle of image distribution, sorting, and categorizing. Our cloud-based software offers construction companies:

  • Instant access to photos on every project

  • Automatic categorization with time-stamping and geo-tagging

  • Easy to upload images that can be attached to any report

Improve Communication Between Contractors and Subcontractors With Automated Information and Image Management

Construction image management can be a massive headache. No matter the size of the project, daily photos are required to show deficiencies, status updates, and more. 

Not only are contractors required to take photos during the entire construction process, but they’re also expected to provide daily field reports, making job site communication an added stress to an already stressful job.

For contractors, this means:

  • Taking photos at every stage of the construction process

  • Organizing and adding images to a daily report

  • Keeping track of non-work days due to weather or other setbacks

  • Tracking deficiencies along the way

  • Storing images in project folders for the duration of the project

  • And much more

But, with CM Fusion’s cloud-based construction image management software, all photos taken onsite (including heic files from iPhones) will be: 

  • Instantly distributed to the right parties 

  • Categorized for easy access; and

  • Stored in the cloud, not your hard drive

What Your Life Would Look Like Without Construction Image Management Software

Without construction image management software, by CM Fusion, you likely experience hassles like: 

  • Struggling to keep track of hundreds of incoming project photos.

  • The nightmare of keeping your daily field reports organized for multiple projects.

  • Spending hours each week on mundane administrative tasks, like organizing and distributing photos, when you could be focusing on the job site.

  • Guessing which photos are for which section of which job site.

  • Losing track of the latest project photos.

  • Missing potential construction deficiencies due to human error with manual image sorting. 

  • Losing potential profits on every project due to administrative inefficiencies.

What Your Life Would Look Like With Construction Image Management Software

Construction image management software, by CM Fusion, simplifies your life by: 

  • Streamlining the construction image management method that is mobile and tablet friendly. 

  • Eliminating inbox crowding and hard drive storage issues.

  • Saving admin time, allowing you to focus on job site matters instead of fumbling with image management. 

  • Making it possible to more accurately communicate project deficiencies and updates.

  • Save hundreds — even thousands — by easily tracking onsite deficiencies with organized image management systems in place.

  • Easily tracking daily photo updates using automated project folders.

  • Allow for simple image manipulation and distribution.

  • Streamlined daily field reports allow contractors to stay organized on every project.

  • Boosting scope of work visibility with automated image management.

Construction Image Management Software FAQs

Investing in the image management processes of your company not only increases job site efficiency, but also promotes transparency and accountability.

Even with a good construction field report template, there’s just so much room for human error, making it easy to miss potential construction quality issues on any project.

So, we’ve answered the most common questions about construction image management for contractors and explain how it not only improves but completely automates and streamlines construction image management for companies of any size.

"We use CM Fusion to track time for our team and sub-contractors on all of our projects, which is 110% more organized than the old paper trails. Our project members track time right from their phones - simple and efficient."

- Steve Layne
LayneCo Construction Services


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