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Cloud-based Access

CM Fusion is accessible from any internet connection - computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. - so that you're always a few clicks or taps away from the info you need.

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Project Management Tools

Create and manage all your project documents and files in one central location. Let CM Fusion take care of your document management so you can focus on running your projects.

  • Document Management
  • Daily Field Reporting
  • Project Tasks
  • RFIs, RFPs, and Submittals
  • Bid Requests

Track Project Activity

CM Fusion tracks all project activity so every change, revision, and update is recorded. Now you have the power and visibility to make sure your team stays accountable.

  • View Project Activity Logs
  • Track Status Changes and Updates
  • Email Notifications and Reminders


Create a Project in less than 60 seconds.

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